[On-Demand Event] ABM Day 2022

The must-attend virtual event for B2B tech marketers and sales executives who want to succeed with their ABM initiatives, on September 15th

On this afternoon you will get the latest Account Based Marketing strategies and tactics from some of the brightest leaders in IT/tech, including Leanne Chescoe, Demandbase, and Arlyn Knox, Blue Yonder, and Alisha Lyndon, Momentum Group, among others. Register on the form or read more about the event below. This event is virtual and free of charge.

Succeed with your Account Based Marketing and win big in 2023

We know the challenges B2B tech companies have when it comes to ABM. There are hundreds of tactics and activities to choose from, execute, and measure. That's why Brightvision is hosting this event: to make ABM easier for you! We're bringing together the masterminds of ABM so that you — as a B2B tech marketing and sales manager — can get the right tools to keep pace with the demands of change and succeed with your investments.   

The Agenda

Fragmented Data - 2:10 - 2:35 PM CEST
Leanne Chescoe, Senior Manager Field Marketing EMEA, Demandbase

Today’s B2B buying journeys are almost entirely digital, masking the identities and intentions of accounts and their buying teams until the journey is almost over. The winners in this game will be those who learn to use data and insights to light up the journey and deeply understand their accounts. Want to be one of them? Join ABM expert Leanne Chescoe, Snr. Manager Marketing EMEA at Demandbase as she shares how Account Intelligence can improve your go-to-market strategy. She will unveil how to spot in-market opportunities sooner, progress them faster and hit your pipeline goals every quarter.

How to Build Your ABM Team - 2:35 - 3:00 CEST
Jacob Hammar, Digital Strategist, Brightvision

B2B marketing and sales teams that work with multiple strategies such as inbound- and outbound marketing as well as ABM are sometimes spread so thin, time is at a premium. If an opportunity arises, it’s hard to act on it while balancing everything else. There are probably many things your marketing and sales teams wants to do, but not enough hours in the day for you to do these things.

During this session Jacob Hammar will share his insights on how to build an efficient ABM team. He will also share how to get all the skills you need at the right time and execute the ABM strategy you always wanted.

Account-Based Marketing Needs Tough Love - 3:00 - 3:25 CEST
Alisha Lyndon, Founder & CEO, Momentum

We all know when sales and marketing teams collaborate on strategic accounts, everyone wins. Despite it being the number one marketing priority in 2021, and 75% of firms increasing their budgets for ABM in 2022, Account-based marketing needs a step change. Alisha will share what winning firms are doing differently in their account-based efforts, together with what sales and marketing strategies are working across the Global 2,000, from their ongoing buyer study CBX. Join this session to hear how sales and marketing teams can respond to accelerate growth.

Personalization & Pipeline: ABM drives $110M in pipeline at Blue Yonder - 3:25 - 3:50 CEST
Arlyn Knox, Corporate Vice President, Integrated Demand Generation, Blue Yonder

Join Arlyn Knox, Corporate Vice President of Integrated Demand Generation at Blue Yonder, the leading digital supply chain platform, to discover how her team is scaling it’s ABM program that has driven $110M in pipeline and $56M in closed/won business to date. From key challenges and lessons learned in scaling an ABM program to their team’s keys to success, dive into how Blue Yonder uses ABM to build relationships with their most strategic target accounts.

SDR Teams' Role in ABM - 3:50 - 4:15 PM CEST
Jakob Löwenbrand, Managing Director, Brightvision

Learn how to execute efficient ABM campaigns with a multinational SDR team. With learnings from two decades you will find out what works well and why. Jakob will share both strategies and tactics to get the ABM success that will help grow your business.

About the speakers

Leanne Chescoe
Senior Manager Field Marketing EMEA, Demandbase
Fragmented Data

Leanne Chescoe is B2B Marketing leader with over five years in the digital martech space and a proven track record of entering a new region, exceeding goals and partnering with sales to deliver strong revenue growth. Leanne leads Marketing in EMEA, with a mission to evangelise ABX and help B2B Sales & Marketing teams build and scale account-based strategies for their organisation.

Arlyn Knox
Corporate Vice President, Integrated Demand Generation, Blue Yonder
Personalization & Pipeline: ABM drives $110M in pipeline at Blue Yonder

Arlyn has over 17 years of experience creating innovative demand generation campaigns to drive sales pipeline, digital conversions, and leading successful teams. Seasoned professional across various SaaS technologies including ERP, CRM, Events, and Supply Chain. Currently lead global digital, operations, events and demand generation at Blue Yonder.

Jacob Hammar
Digital Strategist, Brightvision
How to Build Your ABM Team

Jacob Hammar helps B2B tech companies to grow with result-oriented marketing. In his role Digital Strategist at Brightvision, Jacob helps clients develop marketing strategies, starting up ABM programs and decide on long-term marketing plans. Other responsibilities are new client sales, account management and internal service innovation.

Alisha Lyndon
Founder & CEO at Momentum
Account-Based Marketing Needs Tough Love

Alisha Lyndon is the Founder and CEO of Momentum, one of the world’s leading growth consultancies and the pioneers of account-based marketing. Host of the no1 Account-based Marketing (ABM) podcast.

Jakob Löwenbrand
Managing Director, Brightvision
SDR Teams' Role in ABM

Jakob Löwenbrand is the CEO and founder of Brightvision and an expert in marketing for tech companies. Jakob has 20 years of experience of helping technology, software & service companies build and operate or outsource an effective B2B Lead generation process, with a balanced mix of both Outbound/ABM as well as Inbound tactics.

Practical details

When? September 15, 2:00 - 4:30 PM CEST

Where? Virtual

We hope to see you there!

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