Tulospohjaisen markkinoinnin asiantuntemusta B2B-teknologiayrityksille.

Autamme yritystänne kasvamaan luomalla kvalifioidun myyntiputken ja vahvistamalla asemaanne teknologia-alalla. Käytössämme ovat tarpeisiinne sopivat ja tehokkaat strategiat, kuten inbound-markkinointi, telemarkkinointi, Account Based Marketing (ABM) ja maksettu media.

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Dell EMC
Red Hat
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Dassault Systems

The team at Brightvision is strategic and make smart decisions based on data. The process is clear, and the project managers are proactive take deadlines very seriously

Nordic Channel Marketing Manager, Dell

All excellent as usual

Head of Field Marketing, RSA

Great professionalism and skills in the organization

Marketing Manager, Episerver

The campaign was far beyond our expectations. Not only the number of leads was amazing, but also the customer interest – created by the call agent. The communication was perfect. Very good concept and understanding of your business on a high level, we definitely will expand our activities with Brightvision!

Head of Sales, Business Development and Marketing, CRYPTAS

Very professional and real value delivered. Highly service oriented.

Sales Development Director, Oracle

Good deliveries all the way

Managing Director, Coligo

We got some very interesting and good leads that we can continue to work with

Marketing Director, Business Vision

Great number of meetings as a result of this campaign. Very good preparation of lists and great work on the phone!

Altair, Nordic Marketing & Communication Manager

Since I started at Brightvision I feel more and more every day that it is the right place for me! I value especially that it is a company where everyone is encouraged to think creatively about our projects and working methods and where initiatives are appreciated. Here I get all the conditions for me as a consultant to be able to deliver good results in the customers’ campaigns. For me, the ability to work remote is perfect and at the same time I feel as included as the rest of the gang. In addition, it is always fun to use my social ability to help our customers in the best possible way.

August Berglund, BDR
B2B tech companies in Europe

Tulospohjaista markkinointia B2B-teknologiayrityksille Euroopassa

Brightvision on tulospohjainen B2B-markkinointitoimisto, joka palvelee teknologiayrityksiä kaikkialla Euroopassa.

Asiantuntijatiimiimme kuuluvat täydellä sydämellä ja nöyrällä otteella työtään tekevät BDR-edustajat, inbound-asiantuntijat, suunnittelijat ja verkkokehittäjät. Maailman suurimpiin lukeutuvat teknologiayritykset luottavat apuumme laadukkaiden liidien luomisessa. Olisitteko te kenties seuraavia?

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Our Services

Inbound marketing

Generate qualified leads, strengthen your brand and increase sales with engaging content at the right time to the right person.

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We help you identify your potential customers, qualify leads and book great meetings as efficiently as possible.

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Account Based Marketing

Win complex, highly competitive and strategic sales opportunities with targeted sales and marketing activities.

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Marketing Automation

Plan, launch and optimize marketing campaigns by implementing the right tools for an automated lead generation process.

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Paid media

Increase your visibility and drive the right audience to your channels through highly targeted advertising.

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Web development

Our experienced developers help you create conversion optimized web experiences and tools focused on growth.

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Partner marketing

We help you produce customized and scalable campaign packages for your partners in all Nordic countries – all driven by data.

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Content creation

We produce high quality and educational content that helps your business grow. Explore eBooks, webinars, blog posts, customer cases, quizzes and more.

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Expansion service

We help you grow your pipeline and increase sales in new markets in Europe.

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Customer case: Adobe by Crayon – A concept beyond ordinary

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