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How to Create Successful Partner Marketing Campaigns that keep your Channel Partners Engaged

A webinar for those responsible for partner marketing. As a Partner Manager at a B2B tech company we know you rely on your channel partners to achieve sales targets. It's important to produce great campaigns, generate ROI and keep partners motivated. But how is that done effectively? From implementing and managing hundreds of Nordic partner campaigns for some of the largest names in tech for over 20 years – we have some valuable insights. In this webinar, Brightvision together with Allbound, will share the greatest learnings.

From Brightvision you will learn:

  • How to make partners focus on a long-term marketing strategy rather than ad hoc activities
  • How ABM can be used in partner campaigns
  • How to build partner campaigns that can scale across partners, countries and distributors
  • What KPIs to use in partner campaigns
  • How to create innovative and creative partner campaigns

From Albound you will learn:

  • Tips on how to measure partner engagement in your partner ecosystem
  • How to increase partner experience (PX) and bring partners back into your portal
  • How partners who share your content have a 100% user retention rate

Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO at Brightvision

Meshach Amuah-Fuster, Managing Director, EMEA at Allbound

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