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How to get the most out of your marketing & sales technology

For B2B companies, having a content marketing strategy is no longer sufficient to generaToday, 37% of purchased marketing and sales software never gets used. Many new users quickly find themselves stuck in the implementation swamp. This webinar will help you get unstuck - and on your way - to crushing your marketing goals.te great inbound leads. In fact, the question to focus on is: how can you actually produce content to generate high quality leads? The key is this; you have to produce high quality content. It is THE differentiating factor to stand out from your competition and maximize lead generation.

In this webinar Carina Duffy will explain:

  • How to conquer the obstacles and find true success with your marketing and sales technology
  • How to avoid asking the question "am I getting the most out of this tool?"
  • Why your approach in the initial implementation process can set you up for failure

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About the speaker

Carina Duffy
Carina Duffy
Director of HubSpot Training at IMPACT

Carina is the Director of HubSpot Training at IMPACT and co-host of the popular HubSpot podcast “HubCast”. She has spent 3 years maximizing HubSpot to empower dozens of her clients to overcome their marketing challenges. Today, she uses that deep experience to build training programs and workshops to help more clients get to where they need to be.