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How to replace a live event with a successful webinar

Physical live events like seminars and trade shows have been a part of the B2B tech marketing strategy forever. But times changes. Physical events are expensive, time consuming and hard to attend due to today’s updated travel restrictions. With physical events, it’s also hard to track attendee behaviour, which is one of the major reasons you as a data driven marketing manager should consider replacing your physical event with a webinar. Watch our webinar and learn how to host a successful webinar that generate great leads and more business.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Host a successful webinar – tools, design, best practices and processes
  • Choose the right software
  • Track virtual event attendee behaviour
  • Follow up with your attendees

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About the speakers

CEO Brightvision
Jakob Löwenbrand
CEO, Brightvision

Rickard Thyrfalk
Head Of Sales at Brightvision