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B2B Fintech Marketing Day 2023  |  Session

Fake It Until You Make It, But When You Make It Do Not Break It, with Koen Vanderhoydonk

Embark on a journey with Koen Vanderhoydonk, CEO of The Connector, as he shares his transition from traditional banking to pioneering marketing strategies in fintech. This on-demand session from B2B Fintech Marketing Day is a must-watch for those looking to understand the power of content in driving growth and innovation.

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About the speaker

Koen Vanderhoydonk b2b fintech marketing day
Koen Vanderhoydonk
CEO, The Connector

Koen Vanderhoydonk is a FinTech and RegTech influencer with a strong international following. He authored "The RegTech: BlackBook" series and launched "The Connector" in 2022, a platform that offers cost-effective scaling and sales solutions in finance. He also hosts "The Connector" podcast, featuring industry leaders and broadcasting live from global events. Koen has held key roles at Euroclear and Binck Bank, and was the CEO for Blanco in Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. With over 25 years in B2B finance, he's a seasoned expert in business growth and innovation.