Adobe by Crayon –
A concept beyond ordinary

How we built a scalable and lasting partner concept that was applied to several markets and service offerings.

Crayon is a leading Adobe partner and needed our help to promote the partnership with the goal of raising awareness and generating qualified leads. As the partnership spans multiple markets and Adobe products, it needed to be both scalable and applicable for different types of campaigns, all over the world. We created a concept that would highlight the partnership Adobe Crayon partnership for more than a campaign. We created a brand. We created “Adobe by Crayon”.

Adobe Crayon,

Adobe Acrobat,

Adobe Education,

The concept

To help Crayon become the obvious go-to Adobe partner, we needed to stand out. We started to build a solid and scalable expression with a visual manner, copy and taglines. The Adobe by Crayon concept came to life on the microsite we developed. The microsite was a place for all things Adobe by Crayon. It also served as a place to quickly launch campaigns and continuously add more content to it.

Inspired by creativity, fashion and technology, we gave each segment a unique look that aligned with the overall design. We chose the theme “movement” to showcase the rapidly moving industry and the nature of pure creativity where nothing is as it was a second ago.

We have launched multiple campaigns since the launch of the brand in early 2020.

Adobe Education,

An evergreen campaign platform.

With localized versions of the microsite, we had a perfect platform for launching campaigns across several markets. The site grew from the start, with more pages and content added. We drove traffic to the microsite by launching integrated campaigns that included email marketing, paid promotion and outbound marketing. With gated premium content and CTAs for direct contact with local Adobe experts at Crayon, we made unknown visitors to leads and opportunities.

& the United Arab Emirates.

Marketing automation, obviously.

We connected the microsite to a marketing automation system. The system was used for forms, creating emails, smart automated workflows and lead scoring. Leads from all markets where sorted in lists and campaigns, enabling personalized nurturing and follow-up with the right content and messaging, depending on what action the lead took. All done at the right time, in the right place and in the right language.

Adobe Sign,

Project success factors

Don’t be ordinary

Create memorable communication. Beat the competition by being something else.

Create something scalable

Adobe by Crayon has room for more products, languages, activities. And can last for long.

Check out the microsite.

What’s next?

Crayon was very satisfied with Adobe by Crayon and are still using Brightvision as their main marketing agency for Adobe activities. The concept continues to grow, just as the partnership between Crayon and Brightvision. So in a sense, it’s Crayon by Brightvision, obviously.

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Adobe by Crayon, obviously.

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