Sales enablement as a service

Sales Enablement is the concept of transforming your sales department to create more business opportunities and ultimately close more deals. With education, workshops and change management around tools, efficiency and sales knowledge we can help steer you in the right direction.

We have worked close to sales and marketing departments at IT & tech companies for over 20 years and have in-depth knowledge about what it takes to run a successful sales organization.

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The foundations of Sales Enablement


A modern company needs a CRM and the tool needs to be aligned accordingly with the company’s sales process. The tool should be simple to use and easy for managers to get important business insights. That combination of knowledge is hard to find elsewhere! 


What tasks do your sales team spend time on? Their time should mainly be spent meeting potential and existing clients. Not on administrating meetings, creating new presentations, sending cold emails or other tasks that don’t create value.


Marketing and sales belong to the same process where prospects turn into customers. That’s why common goals must be specified, as well as having marketing materials that meet sales’ requirements and needs. The departments should be seen as one, not two.


To motivate and educate your sales team is time consuming but important. Companies today make some use of education, but with no continuity or framework in place. Education without coaching, onboarding without rehearsal will not create a successful sales team.

Our services

Sales workshops

We educate account managers and inside sales reps through relevant workshops focusing on themes that suit your organization. Key areas are inbound sales, social selling and lead generation.

CRM implementation and education

Using a CRM tailored for your businesses needs can increase your sales efficiency remarkably. We will guide you through the journey of finding, implementing and using a system that meets your organization’s needs.

Inside sales coaching

Would your inside sales team generate more leads if they changed the way they work? We coach your sales team to work more efficiently by evaluating factors like target group segmentation, pitch development, lead follow up as well as providing support material like content, pitch-decks, coaching sessions and on-boarding.

Our process


Identify your challenges

There’s no “one process fits all” solution. All companies are different, so you need to start with an analysis of your own organization. Sometimes your challenges might be clear, but usually they need to be identified. We do this by doing in depth-interviews with key people in your organization.


Analyze your current situation

After we have identified your challenges, it’s time to set the goals with your Sales Enablement initiative. The difference between your current status and your goal, is the gap that needs to be closed.


Agree on actions

From your diagnosis in step one, it’s time to set an overall plan on how to reach your goal. We break down this plan into specific actions with suggestions on when, how and why the actions should be taken.


Implementation of changes

The change management process is the most critical part of the process from problem to solution. Here we carefully consider how your changes influence different roles, systems and routines. Communication is the most important tool in this step.


Maintain current status

It’s never about finding a static solution to a problem. It’s rather about implementing new processes and daily routines that demands follow up and optimization, depending on how the change in the previous step went.

Webinar on demand:
3 examples of why you need Sales Enablement to build a successful sales organization 

Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with the resources they need to close more deals. In this webinar we will share 3 real customer stories from large tech companies that failed due to the lack of sales enablement processes – and what they could have done to prevent it.

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