B2B SaaS Growth Day

För säljare och marknadsförare i B2B SaaS-branschen som vill lyckas med sina initiativ 2023. Eventet är kostnadsfritt och äger rum virtuellt den 25:e maj.

Välkommen till B2B SaaS Growth Day, det främsta virtuella evenemanget för SaaS-marknadsförings- och försäljningsproffs som vill ta sina strategier till nästa nivå. Den 25:e maj får du möjlighet att lära dig från några av branschens ledande experter som kommer att dela med sig av de senaste trenderna och strategierna. Se fullständig agenda längre ner på sidan.

På B2B SaaS Growth Day kommer du kommer att lära dig mer om hur du:

  • Skalar upp din verksamhet globalt och samtidigt uppnår en hälsosam och hållbar tillväxt.
  • Får sälj och marknad att arbeta smartare tillsammans. 
  • Optimerar nykundsförsäljningen och expanderar existerande kunder.
  • Maximerar ROI med data-drivna marknadsföringsmetoder.

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Maximizing SaaS Revenue: 4 Initiatives to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment - 2:10-2:30 PM CEST
Julia Hartwig, Head of Marketing, Prezentor

In her presentation, Julia will be discussing four key initiatives that companies can implement to align their sales and marketing functions. These initiatives include creating playbooks, utilizing intent data, launching targeted campaigns, and implementing deal labs. By aligning these functions, companies can optimize revenue growth and enhance customer satisfaction. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how to align their sales and marketing teams and drive success in their SaaS business.

Bridging the Gap Between Demand Generation and Lead Generation for SaaS - 2:35-2:55 PM CEST
Maike Zimmermann, Project Manager & Practice Lead

In this session, Maike will provide practical examples and strategies that you and your team can implement immediately to enhance alignment and effectiveness between these vital functions. Discover how to measure and showcase the value of your DemandGen activities, ensuring that your broader team recognizes their importance. Don't miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights that you and your team can get started on as early as tomorrow.

Data-Driven Marketing and Innovation for B2B SaaS Growth - 3:00-3:20 PM CEST
Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO & Founder, Brightvision

Join Jakob Löwenbrand in this session as he explores how B2B SaaS companies can utilize the power of data-driven marketing and sales to drive growth. The session will delve into how leveraging data and analytics can lead to more informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately boost revenue growth. Whether you are a new player or seeking to ramp up your growth, this session will offer valuable insights and strategies to succeed in the fiercely competitive B2B SaaS market. Gain a deeper understanding of the role of data-driven marketing and sales in B2B SaaS growth and learn from an industry expert.

Driving B2B SaaS Growth via Revenue Marketing - 3:25-3:45 PM CEST
Jillian Als, VP Marketing, Tricent

In her session "Driving B2B SaaS Growth via Revenue Marketing", Jillian Als will provide her definition of revenue marketing, discuss why she decided to implement it at her last company, and share best practices for implementing it in businesses. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how to optimize revenue growth and drive success in their SaaS business”.

Om talarna

Julia Hartwig
Julia Hartwig
Head of Marketing, Prezentor
Maximizing SaaS Revenue: 4 Initiatives to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment

Julia Hartwig is the Head of Marketing at the Sales enablement platform Prezentor based in Copenhagen. She has more than 12 years of experience in developing integrated marketing strategies and creating complex marketing campaigns to drive revenue within the B2C and B2B industry. Julia is the Co-host of the podcast Frenemies in which she discusses the relationship between Sales and Marketing in B2B companies. 

Maike Zimmermann
Project Manager & Practice Lead
Bridging the Gap Between Demand Generation and Lead Generation for SaaS

Maike Zimmermann helps B2B tech companies to grow with result-oriented marketing. Maike is a well-rounded professional with expertise in digital marketing, strategic partnerships, project management, account-based marketing, and key account management. She currently holds the position of Practice Lead at Brightvision and served as Digital Project Manager prior to this role. In her role as a practice lead, she is spearheading our retainer practice ensuring  efficiency  and  smooth  workflow.

Jakob Löwenbrand
CEO & Founder, Brightvision
Data-Driven Marketing and Sales for B2B SaaS Growth

Jakob Löwenbrand is the CEO and founder of Brightvision and an expert in marketing for tech companies. Jakob has 20 years of experience of helping technology, software & service companies build and operate or outsource an effective B2B Lead generation process, with a balanced mix of both Outbound/ABM as well as Inbound tactics. 

Jillian Als
Jillian Als
VP Marketing, Tricent
Driving B2B SaaS Growth via Revenue Marketing

Jillian has over 15 years experience in global B2B marketing, most recently as the VP of Marketing at Tricent. For the past decade she's been working with SaaS start ups and scale ups to build marketing teams focused on growth and revenue amidst the demanding landscape of fundraising, M&A, and the only real constant, change.

[Webinar, 8:e Juni] The Power of Ai in B2B Tech Content Marketing

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