B2B Tech Sales Summit

På B2B Tech Sales Summit kommer du som jobbar som säljchef inom techbranschen lära dig hur du lyckas med dina säljinitiativ.

Registrera dig till B2B Tech Sales Summit den 8:e december och ta del av effektiva säljstrategier och tips från några av de mest framstående ledarna inom IT-/techbranschen.

Du kan bland annat se fram emot att lyssna på talare från bland annat Winning by Design, Sales Rebellion och Sales IQ Global. Läs mer om eventet och agendan här nedan och registrera dig i formuläret till höger. Eventet är virtuellt och det är gratis att delta.

Är du redo för vad som kommer härnäst inom B2B-försäljning?

Det digitala landskapet förändras snabbare än någonsin. Genom att delta på detta event, kommer du att kunna hålla dig uppdaterad om viktigaste säljtrenderna just nu. Du kommer att få lära dig av några av de mest framstående säljexperterna inom B2B tech-branschen som ligger i framkant både strategiskt och tekniskt, för att du ska få de bästa förutsättningarna för att lyckas med dina B2B säljinitiativ 2023.


Transform Your Message and Elevate Engagement - 1:10 - 1:35 PM CET
Tony Hughes, Co-founder & Sales Innovation Director, Sales IQ Global

Every salesperson and leader seeks to effect positive change, yet they are competing for priority and resources within the customer organization. In his presentation, Tony will explain how to effectively elevate your conversation to set the right agenda to secure the commitment and resources needed to implement change or bring your ideas to life. Learn how to open in ways that de-risk the close, and how your customer can effectively sell the initiative or project internally.

The New Era of B2B Sales Engagement is Here - 1:35 - 2:00 CET
Peter O’Neill, Research Director, Research in Action GmbH

Sales Engagement Management (SEM) processes are transformed in most tech companies. B2B buyer behavior has evolved to become primarily digital. Peter O'Neill will during his session be sharing the most prominent insights from his recently published report on SEM. In the report, Peter surveyed 1500 IT businesses worldwide about their projects and the vendors they work with, which has resulted in the most crucial SEM market trends, the top vendors based upon product, company, and service quality. The insights from Peter will help you make an informed decision regarding which vendors could best fit your needs, requirements, and market evolution.

Sustainable Growth During An Economic Downturn - 2:00 - 2:25 CET
Ruee Hartuv, Revenue Architect, Winning by Design,

Companies need to adapt and adjust their go-to-market strategies to meet the demands set by these changes of the economic downturn. Winning by Design will be sharing their insights from a recent study where they conducted to understand the impact of an economic downturn on software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses. They have looked at various go-to-market factors, and measured key performance metrics such as sales cycle, deal size, lead conversion, and growth rate. During the session, the main summary points as well as actionable recommendations for sustaining growth will be proposed.

Ramp up Your B2B Sales Efforts with Growth Teams - 2:25 - 2:50 PM CET
Jakob Löwenbrand, CEO & Founder, Brightvision

Jakob will be sharing how sales executives at B2B tech companies can use growth teams to build relationships with prospects, qualify leads, and win business. All the way from initial conversations to a completed sales pipeline and closed deal faster than ever before. You'll learn how to scale up a modern sales machine, with outsourcing to a growth team consisting of inside sales reps that are capable of selling high value products that will enable a greater and more efficient growth for your business.

Mindset and Prospecting like a Rebel - 2:50 - 3:15 PM CET
Dale Dupree, Founder & CSO, The Sales Rebellion

Dale Dupree will during his talk be sharing creative ideas that can help you to become better at selling and to love your sales walk even more.

How B2B Sales Teams Can Increase Revenue Through Influencer Marketing - 3:15 - 3:40 PM CET
Morgan J. Ingram, 3x LinkedIn Top Sales Voice & Content Creator

Sales teams use various strategies to get their message across and win more leads. In today's cut-throat environment where every penny counts, they cannot rely on just one way of getting business. They need to develop multiple channels where they can spread their message and increase revenue. One of these ways is the use of B2B influencer marketing, which Morgan will share his insights and expertise about during his presentation.

Om talarna

Tony Hughes
Co-founder & Sales Innovation Director, Sales IQ Global
Transform Your Message and Elevate Engagement

Tony Hughes is Co-founder and Sales Innovation Director at Sales IQ Global and has 30 years of CEO and sales leadership experience. He is a bestselling author with 3 books, including Tech-Powered Sales, and is ranked as the most influential person in professional selling within Asia-Pacific by Top Sales Magazine. Tony teaches 'modernized selling' within the MBA program at the University of Technology, Sydney and his clients include recognized global brands including Grant Thornton, Vocus, Salesforce, Adobe, Docusign, SAP, and many others.

Peter O’Neill
Research Director, Research in Action GmbH
The New Era of B2B Sales Engagement is Here

Peter O’Neill is an IT industry veteran with a total of over 40 years of experience in advising vendor and end-user clients and performing research-based consulting. He worked in Marketing at HP for 20 years before joining META Group and then Gartner Group as an industry analyst. Peter is mostly known for his years at Forrester Research as an industry analyst, and later on he managed Forrester’s research on B2B Marketing organization, process, and automation topics as research director. He has founded a research team focused on Sales Enablement and co-authored the influential research report “The Death of the B2B Salesman”. As of right now he is collaborating with two organizations to write research-based reports on vendor landscapes and B2B marketing trends and challenges. He also writes and curates marketing content on an ongoing basis for several marketing automation software clients.

Roee Hartuv
Revenue Architect, Winning by Design
Sustainable Growth During An Economic Downturn

Roee Hartuv is a Revenue Architect at Winning by Design (WbD), working with SaaS scale-up companies to help them drive sustainable revenue growth. Hartuv is a B2B startup executive, with more than 16 years of experience working at high-growth SaaS companies. Before joining the workforce, he was a combat pilot for the Israeli Air Force. Hartuv holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya in Israel. Roee is based in Berlin, Germany.

Jakob Löwenbrand
CEO & Founder, Brightvision
Ramp up Your B2B Sales Efforts with Growth Teams

As a customer experience specialist, Johanna Ahrens supports Cisco partners in building a sustainable B2B customer lifecycle practice. Previously, Ms. Ahrens spent more than 10 years working for a mid-sized systems integrator with an international customer base. In her role as Manager Business Development, Ms. Ahrens built and led a team of change management consultants and customer success specialists and supported over 100 customers in change projects. The acquired knowledge from her state examination as an educator and sociologist as well as the knowledge from the university education as a change management coach support her especially in the transformation support of her customers and Cisco partners.

Dale Dupree
Founder & CSO, The Sales Rebellion
Mindset and Prospecting like a Rebel

Dale Dupree was once known as The Copier Warrior and is the appointed Leader and Founder of The Sales Rebellion. He is born and raised in Orlando, FL. Has a sales background that dates back to his childhood as he was raised wandering the halls of his father's business but has been a full-time sales professional for 13+ years. Founded on March 1st of 2019, Dale now provides sales training and development through his firm, The Sales Rebellion, that challenges the status quo. He is audacious with his outreach, intentional in his sales walk, and driven to create a community of sales professionals that cause undeniable curiosity and true impact in their walk with prospects and clients alike by teaching the masses how to choose legendary in their sales career. The Rebellion believes in people over products, community over commission checks, fellowship over negotiations and experiences over performing a pitch

Morgan J. Ingram
3x LinkedIn Top Sales Voice & Content Creator
How B2B Sales Teams Can Increase Revenue Through Influencer Marketing

Morgan J. Ingram is a 3x LinkedIn Top Sales Voice & Content Creator and has been named a "B2B Influencer Marketing Jedi" and "Top Sales Voice" by LinkedIn in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Ingram is the host of the podcast and YouTube Channel called The SDR Chronicles, with more than 100 videos providing SDRs and sales reps with motivation, advice, and tactics for their sales journey. He and his work have been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, the Hubspot blog, and the Harvard Business Review, and he coaches SDRs/BDRs and AEs on how to break through the noise. 

Praktisk information

När: Den 8:e december klockan 13.00-16.00 

Var: Eventet är virtuellt

Kostnad: Gratis

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