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B2B Tech Marketing Day 2021

The must-attend event for B2B tech marketers

Learn the latest marketing strategies and tactics from some of the brightest marketing leaders in tech, including the ABM-guru Sangram Vajre, Terminus, as Keynote speaker. Dive into the on-demand event session below at your convenience to uncover new approaches for B2B tech marketing that can revolutionize your approach and results.


"The Key to Win Megadeals" Christopher Engman, Author Megadeals
"Category Design" Jakob Löwenbrand CEO, Brightvision
"How to digitalize a large international marketing department" Trude Berg Marketing Director, Symetri
"How closed-loop marketing helps B2B marketers win in 2021" Kaela Loffler VP, Accedian
"The Hard Truths of ABM" Alessandra Possamai ABM Manager, Shutterstock
"The Secret Formula to Become a Successful CMO in 2021" Sangram Vajre Co-founder, Terminus
"The Power of Linkedin ads" AJ Wilcox Founder B2Linked

About the speakers

Christopher Engman
Christopher Engman
Author Megadeals
The Key to Win Megadeals

For two and a half years, Christopher Engman has researched large and complex B2B business together with Johan Åberg. Or Megadeals as they have chosen to call these. The result is the book Megadeals which contains the insights from their research. The business that has been studied is from 100 million up to 150 billion, where some of the world´s best sellers and marketers in B2B have been interviewed. Christopher is also a founder of several companies, including Vendemore. During his session, he will give us the keys to how we can win a Megadeal. 


CEO Brightvision
Jakob Löwenbrand
CEO, Brightvision
Category Design

Jakob Löwenbrand is the CEO and founder of Brightvision and an expert in marketing for tech companies. Jakob has 20 years of experience of helping technology, software & service companies build and operate or outsource an effective B2B Lead generation process, with a balanced mix of both Outbound/ABM as well as Inbound tactics.

Trude Berg
Marketing Director, Symetri
How to digitalize a large international marketing department

With 30+ years in the software- and marketing and sales industry Trude Berg has an amount of valuable knowledge and experience. Trude joined Symetri in 2012 and become Marketing Director in 2015 with the mission to centralise and modernise the marketing organisation. A journey she will talk more about in her session.

Kaela Loffler
VP at Accedian
How closed-loop marketing helps B2B marketers win in 2021

As the VP of Marketing, Kaela is responsible for developing and implementing Accedian’s marketing strategy across the enterprise and communications service provider sectors globally, in alignment with both short- and long-term business goals. To this role she brings a diverse set of career experience, spanning marketing, business development, and project and program management, with a focus on sales channel and technology alliance programs.

Alessandra P
Alessandra Possamai
ABM Manager at Shutterstock
The Hard Truths of ABM

Alessandra is passionate about the evolution of B2B marketing- particularly the rise of Account Based Marketing in radically reshaping the world of demand generation. Alessandra currently manages Shutterstock´s global ABM program and she has over three years of experience building and scaling ABM impact across the organization. In Alessandra´s session, she will share the hard truths of ABM.

Sangram Vajre
Sangram Vajre
Co-founder, Terminus
The Secret Formula to Become a Successful CMO in 2021

Sangram Vajre is a co-founder of Terminus, one of the leading software service platforms for account-based marketing. Sangram is also an author of two books about ABM, international keynote speaker and host of the top 50 business podcast called FlipMyFunnel with over 100,000 subscribers. Sangram will share his best secrets to becoming the most successful CMO 2021.

AJ Wilcox
AJ Wilcox
Founder B2Linked
The Power of Linkedin ads

AJ Wilcox is the world’s biggest LinkedIn ad spender. He fell in love with the LinkedIn ads platform for almost 10 years ago and founded B2Linked in 2014, which specializes in LinkedIn ads, account management, training, and consulting. Since then, he has managed hundreds of accounts and a combined $100 million in ad spend on the network. During his session, he will give us a greater understanding of the power of LinkedIn Ads.