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Instant Access Webinar

Five brave content ideas – A creative webinar for forward-thinking SaaS marketers

B2B tech marketing does not have to be boring. It is “business to business”, but businesses are made of people. People have personalities, and so does your business. Your company’s personality needs to be communicated in a creative way – for your message to stand out and generate results.

In our upcoming webinar, our creative team will share five brave and creative B2B content ideas, that will get your message through the buzz and in front of your persona.

During this session you will learn about:

  • Real examples: five creative content ideas
  • Creative content trends for B2B
  • How not to be boring in your B2B tech marketing

Presenters Peter Hippeläinen, Creative Director/Team Leader, Brightvision Amanda Thomson Åslund, Senior Copywriter, Brightvision Karen Oi Ki Hau, Art Director


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