Scalable channel marketing campaigns
for B2B tech companies

You heavily rely on your partners to achieve your targets. Meaning it's important to both maintain good relationships and produce great campaigns. Brightvision can help you with this by leveraging customized data-driven lead generation campaigns that are easy to manage and scale – in all European languages. We have implemented and managed successful channel campaigns for the past 20 years, meaning we know how to keep both vendors and partners satisfied.

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We know what's important

Marketing innovation 
  • Enabling your partners to leverage the latest strategies and technologies, gaining a competitive edge in the market. 
Channel partner engagement  
  • Ensures that you can build long-term partnerships and maximize the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. 
POEs and processes 
  • So you can relax and focus your time and energy on strategic marketing activities, driving impactful results. 
Measuring the right KPIs  
  • Providing you with valuable insights on MQLs, SQLs and ROI to optimize marketing efforts and demonstrate business impact.
Different campaign needs  
  • Easy campaign procurement and diverse package options simplifies the process, enabling you to quickly acquire campaigns tailored to specific needs. 
  • Allows you to effectively align marketing activities with diverse partner requirements.  
  • Creating scalable campaigns across partners, countries, and distributors enables you to expand reach, penetrate new markets, and drive business growth. 

Brightvision’s channel marketing process

We are dedicated to helping you build a robust and successful channel marketing ecosystem that drives growth, enhances partner relationships, and delivers results. Here’s how we do it:
1. Partner engagement and onboarding

We work directly with your partners throughout the process. The onboarding is a vital step to creating successful channel partner marketing campaigns and it’s when we agree on programs, policies, and processes. Your partner will work with a team of specialists with a designated project manager that manages the project, makes sure the marketing plan is in line with the budget, and ensures that deadlines are met.

2. Campaign planning and setup

We work with your partners to define a strategy that’s tailored to their business goals. During this step, we establish a buyer journey that makes sense for the buyer personas and makes them more likely to convert to a lead. Based on that, we determine the best strategy to apply to achieve our goals. This could be ABM, inbound marketing, telemarketing, or a combination of tactics.

3. Campaign execution

We execute the campaign plan we have agreed on. This can include launching premium content such as eBooks and reports, developing microsites and landing pages, designing email campaigns, and producing advertising banners. Our digital efforts are often supported by telemarketing campaigns that focus on booking appointments and demos with prospects.

4. Claiming and invoicing

We can handle both the administrative and operational aspects of running a campaign. Whether it's budget, POEs, or ensuring all the legal requirements are met, we can do it swiftly and effectively because we are familiar with the procedures and the systems.

Why Brightvision should be your Channel Marketing partner

Deep channel marketing experience

With over 20 years of experience in B2B tech channel marketing, we bring valuable insights and expertise that drives success in channel marketing campaigns specifically tailored for technology products and services.


We carry out the foundational work that paves the way for continued digital success for your partners. Brightvision shares our strategic and technical expertise across inbound and outbound strategies that enable your partners to continue the work of generating leads after the campaign period has ended.

Inbound and outbound strategies

We use a mix of outbound and inbound marketing activities that generate qualitative leads and drive growth. As a HubSpot Gold partner, we can automate your channel campaigns regardless of your technical requirements.

Easy to get started

Brightvision has decades of experience managing channel marketing campaigns, from concept to implementation and administration. We know the processes, we’re familiar with the systems, and — whether it's budget, POEs, or making sure all the legal parts are in place — we can handle it quickly and efficiently.

Full-funnel approach

Brightvision takes a holistic approach to channel marketing, combining various strategies and tactics to create comprehensive campaigns. We integrate digital marketing, telemarketing, and other relevant channels to enhance the entire sales funnel, from prospecting to closing deals.

Multi-language campaigns

In the global tech landscape, language barriers can be a challenge. Brightvision can conduct both inbound and outbound campaigns in various European languages. This includes creating localized content and utilizing native-speaking Business Development Representatives (BDRs) who can effectively engage with target markets.  


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Brightvision is here to help you unleash the full potential of your channel marketing endeavors, creating a world where partners are perfect, campaigns are coordinated, and results are remarkable. Book a meeting to get started!