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Expanding your SaaS business and growing your user base in new markets is challenging. The SaaS-focused team at Brightvision brings extensive experience from many different SaaS campaigns. Our full-funnel approach blends inbound and outbound strategies with effective lead generation, aiming to boost your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and optimize your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Let's achieve smart, sustainable growth together!

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Brightvision’s SaaS-focused growth teams specialize in planning and executing revenue-driven marketing campaigns covering all of your funnel, from outreach to a loyal customer.   
Inside sales

Establish a dedicated remote B2B tech sales force to drive consistent revenue growth in more countries, with low risk.  


Accelerate your SaaS sales funnel with a steady stream of high-quality leads and potential customers and expand to new countries fast.  

Performance marketing

Run precision-targeted, measurable, and personalized digital advertising campaigns to optimize your SaaS customer acquisition.

Marketing automation

Enhance your data intelligence, analytics, and customer journey, simultaneously boosting your SaaS product's user experience. 

Content marketing

Generate impactful content that delivers tangible outcomes, driving growth and brand recognition for your SaaS company.

Why choose Brightvision for your B2B SaaS marketing?
B2B SaaS expertise

Brightvision’s deep understanding of the SaaS industry enables us to create tailored marketing campaigns that rapidly grow your user base for subscription-based software products.

Full-funnel approach

We specialize in creating integrated marketing campaigns that combine multiple channels such as email, phone, digital content, and targeted advertising. This approach ensures a more comprehensive and effective marketing strategy that reaches the target audience through various touchpoints.

European coverage 

Brightvision specialize in empowering SaaS companies to conquer new markets across European countries. Our team of local experts, in native languages, provides comprehensive support ranging from research to effective lead generation, blitzscaling, and brand awareness.

Customer Case

How our outsourced growth team took a SaaS company’s sales from 0 to 1 M SEK/MRR in 12 months.

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