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As a sales manager at a tech company, you know you have an exceptional product with immense potential. However, breaking into new markets can be a daunting challenge. Unlock your company's potential by partnering with Brightvision for inside sales. You can trust our expertise to grow your sales while you focus on your core business, making tech sales simple and cost-effective.

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Inside sales

Brightvision’s inside sales services can help you:  

Speed up the sales cycle:

Inside sales teams often have shorter sales cycles due to their ability to leverage technology and digital communication channels to engage with potential customers. This helps you close deals more quickly and efficiently.

Expand your reach:

Inside sales teams can engage with a larger, more diverse customer base by leveraging local knowledge, digital channels, and remote communication tools. Brightvision has experienced, native-speaking sales teams in many regions around the globe.  

Scale your business:

Your Brightvision inside sales team can be easily scaled up or down depending on your company's needs. As your company grows, your sales team can help accommodate increased demand without incurring significant expenses. 

Why choose Brightvision as your inside sales partner?
Multi-channel approach:

Inside sales involves many different communication channels, from email to social media to phone calls. Brightvision collaborates with you to develop and refine a multi-channel communication strategy, targeting prospects, identifying needs, and driving product sales for optimal results. 


Sales experts, not salespeople:

Brightvision's BDRs and SDRs aren’t just any inside salespeople: they excel in European B2B tech sales, leveraging over two decades of experience to understand customer needs and effectively communicate your products and services' benefits. 

Holistic approach:

Brightvision is a full-funnel agency that offers a variety of services, from lead generation and content creation to appointment setting and sales enablement. We can handle all aspects of the sales process, creating a seamless and efficient sales pipeline for our clients. 

Proven track record:

Brightvision has a proven track record of success in helping tech companies achieve their sales goals. Their expertise and results-oriented approach have led to numerous satisfied clients and case studies, showcasing their ability to deliver tangible results. 

Inside sales services

Lead generation and qualification 
  • Coordinate your sales and marketing efforts to effectively capture, nurture, and convert potential customers.  
  • Reach out to qualified leads through various channels to gauge their interest in your company's products or services. 

Appointment setting
  • Schedule meetings or calls between potential customers and your company's sales representatives. 

Sales engagement
  • Build relationships with prospects through targeted and personalized communications.  
Sales enablement
  • Assist your internal sales team with tools, resources, and training to improve their skills and achieve their sales goals. 

Customer case

How We Helped a Legal Tech Company Expand from Denmark to Europe Together with Brightvision

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