Inside sales to help take your business from start up to scale up 

Inside sales outsourcing has been tailored for B2B technology companies that want to do more with less.

You have a great product, with a lot of potential. You know that if people can just hear about your product and see how great it is, the product will sell like wildfire.

But you’re having trouble breaking into new markets. That’s because entering new markets is risky and expensive. Not only does your sales team need to know the local language and business culture in each country, but they also must know how to communicate the value of your products to new markets. And above all, they need to know how to sell.

Recruiting and training sales teams in new countries and markets can be expensive and time-consuming, and the results are sometimes hit-or-miss. But by outsourcing your inside sales tasks to a full-service agency like Brightvision, you minimize the up-front investment and stay agile as your business evolves. 

For more than 20 years, Brightvision has helped tech companies generate leads, close deals, and expand into new European markets.

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Inside sales for every tech company 

Expand into new markets 

We help you by setting up experienced, native-speaking sales teams in your chosen region. These sales representatives don’t just know the market, they know how to communicate the benefits of your product to the market — considering cultural, political, and economic environments in each market.   

Scale up your business 

Running out of target accounts, or worried that your prospect list is shrinking? We can help you find new, interesting, and qualified prospects through a mix of inbound marketing, prospecting, and social selling.  

Grow your sales team 

Need a full-service team to act as an extension of your existing sales team? Brightvision has you covered. Our experienced SDRs can handle the entire sales process, from prospect identification to closing the deal. No recruiting, hiring, or HR paperwork required.  

Why choose Brightvision?

Multi-channel approach 

Unlike telemarketing, inside sales involves many different communication channels, from email to social media to, yes, phone calls. Brightvision works with you to create the best communication strategy to reach your prospects, determine their needs, and sell your products. And we constantly refine the strategy to generate the best results. 

Sales experts, not salespeople 

Brightvision’s BDRs and SDRs aren’t just any inside sales professionals: they live and breathe European B2B tech sales. Brightvision focuses on B2B tech and works with some of the biggest brands and has been doing this effectively for more than two decades. We understand what your customers need, and we know how to communicate the benefits of your products and services to those customers.   

Full-service sales and marketing 

As a full-service marketing and sales agency, Brightvision can create full funnel campaigns — from content creation and lead nurturing through to booking meetings and closing deals. Our inbound and outbound teams work closely together to ensure that your brand and product messaging is consistent from start to finish.  

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Whatever your needs may be, as a full service agency we are sure we can get you started. Submit the form below or just give us a call at +46 (0) 31 711 63 20 and we take it from there! You can also book a meeting with us directly here.

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