Marketing automation for lead generation

Brightvision has been working with marketing automation since 2010 and is certified in both HubSpot and SharpSpring. We have helped several customers to find and use the right system. To be able to provide our clients with the best services, our consultants are super users in both the sales and marketing modules.

Read about how we helped our client Symetri implement HubSpot as a Marketing Automation system.

Customer case

Marketing automation systems

Hubspot Gold Partner

Marketing Automation HubSpot

HubSpot is the star among marketing automation systems. Here you’ll get a sterling platform that runs seamlessly for the bigger team and complex sales cycle.

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Sharpspring Partner

Marketing Automation SharpSpring

SharpSpring is the up-and-coming challenger within marketing automation systems. It’s a great system to explore the possibilities with a platform to a lower cost. Being a platinum SharpSpring agency, we can help you.

How we can help you with marketing automation

Different solutions for different needs

Marketing technology has exploded. Luckily, our certified HubSpot and SharpSpring experts can help you with an array of platforms, from big and complex to small and elementary. To amplify your platform, we can connect and integrate with social media, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), Hotjar and Google Analytics. Contact us to get a free consultation and learn more!

Marketing automation integration- set up and configuration

You don’t need to be a developer to set up and configure your system, you only need us. Brightvision provides all the essentials from setting up domains, DKIM/DNS, creating custom templates to integrating your database, applying scripts and UTM-tags.

Training & workshops

We teach you how to master your system, functions and results with our tailored training sessions in SharpSpring or HubSpot. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner – Brightvision can guide you through the jungle of CTAs (Call To Action), landing pages, lead scoring, workflows, forms, personas and more. We create workshops adjusted to your level and needs. With our training offers in the sales and marketing module, you’ll cut the amount of hours adopting the system throughout the organization.

Strategy & content

We analyze your current situation, help you with the implementation and create a suitable strategy moving forward. We make sure to fill you in on whatever you need, ideas, technical support or content to load your funnels with.

Design & layout

Brightvision make sure your landing pages, blogs, emails and social updates get sleek layouts, brand-alignment and eye-catching looks. Both on desktop and mobile. We mold photos, fonts, graphic elements, colors and layouts to become attractive assets in your digital communication – all to optimize your conversion rates.

Measuring & reporting

We analyze the data and report it to you. 100% transparent and presented in a straightforward way. The metrics will give you valuable insights, so you know where to act.

Customer case: Symetri – A successful HubSpot marketing implementation

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