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In today’s competitive landscape of B2B tech, sales development is hard. In-depth IT expertise is difficult to find. Full salaries for SDRs/BDRs are expensive. Finding local teams in each country is a nightmare. Scaling up or down efforts based on business needs is challenging with full-time employees.

Brightvision to the rescue.

For the past two decades, our local SDRs/BDRs teams across Europe have delivered quality meetings with CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, and other C-suite executives. We have the talent, processes, local reach and experience to take your sales to new heights. 


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Hire our outbound growth teams and look forward to:   

Increased lead generation 
  • Get a higher volume of qualified leads to your sales team, increasing your potential customer base.  
Enhanced brand awareness 
  • Raise brand awareness and visibility amongst your target group. Through various channels such as email marketing, social media advertising, or cold calling, we promote your brand. 
Sales efficiency  
  • We take care of the prospecting so you can focus your time and efforts on the overall sales strategy and closing deals.  
Increased revenue 
  • With more leads, higher-quality prospects, and improved sales efficiency, your revenue will skyrocket.  

Brightvision outbound process

1. Identifying your needs  

 We start each collaboration by identifying your needs, channels, and target group. Your desired outcome and specific goals are discussed and agreed upon.  

2. Education of BDRs/SDRs 

 Our BDRs/SDRs have an in-depth meeting with you to get the foundation for the discussion guide. We also map your tools and systems to build the best target lists possible.  

3. Preparing the data   

We set up the campaign plan, systems and templates needed, aligning our resources and deciding on the outreach list. 

4. Testing the theory  

In this phase we run a pilot test on a small number of contacts. We test target segments and lists, the discussion guide, and systems. We generate a detailed report with data on what to improve and change before launching the full campaign.  

5. Outbound prospecting  

Ongoing outbound activities such as meeting booking, account mapping, and lead generation. You get 100 % transparency as well as weekly status meetings and reports. Quality assurance, coaching, and optimization are key throughout the entire project.  

5. Evaluation  

We summarize what went well, what could be improved, and the ROI generated. We then share these learnings and analyse all generated data to make informed decisions moving forward.  

Why Brightvision should be your outbound marketing partner

Skilled professionals   

Brightvision’s outbound growth teams have advanced IT expertise, are highly dedicated, and are driven by results. They are equipped with expertise in roles such as sales researchers, sales development representatives, campaign strategists, and project managers.  

Geographical reach  

Our outbound growth teams help B2B tech companies successfully expand — or strengthen — their presence in European markets. We can help with everything from research to lead generation, blitzscaling, and awareness building. We offer expansion services to Western Euope – constantly adding new countries. 

Multi-channel prospecting 

Brightvision offers a multi-channel approach, using the best sales enablement tools. This includes appointment setting, project management, lead generation, social selling, email marketing, account mapping, and account-based marketing

Data-driven processes 

Every decision we make is based on data, ensuring that your growth becomes as predictable as the activities we plan. With our detailed, transparent, and weekly reports, we provide our clients with the foundation to generate the best possible business results.  

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