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Building strong relationships with your target audience is crucial for sales success. Brightvision’s social selling services leverage your social media presence and transform it into a powerful lead generation and relationship-building tool.    

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Social selling

Brightvision’s social selling services can help you:

Reach a broader audience

Social media platforms have a vast user base, and tech companies can use these platforms to reach a larger audience, both within their target market and beyond.

Target the right prospects

Tech companies can leverage social media tools and analytics to identify potential customers and decision-makers within their target market. Enabling them to focus their efforts on those most likely to convert.

Increase customer retention

Social selling enables tech companies to maintain ongoing relationships with customers, providing them with valuable content, support, and updates on new products or services. This continuous engagement can lead to increased customer loyalty and retention.

Gather valuable feedback

Social media platforms provide tech companies with the opportunity to gather feedback from customers and prospects on their products, services, and overall brand perception. This feedback can be used to make improvements and better serve their customers. 

Why choose Brightvision as your social selling partner?

Multi-channel approach

Social selling involves many different communication channels, from email to social media to phone calls. Brightvision collaborates with you to develop and refine a multi-channel communication strategy, targeting prospects, identifying needs, and driving product sales for optimal results. 

Industry marketing expertise

Brightvision's teams of BDRs, SDRs, copywriters, designers, and marketing strategists have both the industry expertise and the technical know-how to create and execute a holistic, end-to-end social selling strategy. 

Proven track record

Brightvision has a proven track record of success in helping tech companies achieve their sales goals. Their expertise and results-oriented approach have led to numerous satisfied clients and case studies, showcasing their ability to deliver tangible results. 

Social selling services

Social media optimization
  • Fine tune your social media profiles and content to maximize reach, brand visibility, and audience engagement.
Targeted prospecting
  • Identify and connect with your most relevant prospects, build meaningful relationships, and guide them through the sales funnel. 

Content creation
  • Create and share high-quality content that showcases expertise, builds credibility, and builds engagement with your target prospects.  

Sales engagement
  • Build trust, rapport, and credibility with your prospects, nurturing relationships that can lead to sales opportunities. 
Appointment setting
  • Take the conversation from social media engagement to meaningful offline interactions.  


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