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Managing a sales pipeline is often a demanding task for tech companies, particularly when their core emphasis lies in product development and innovation. Using a multichannel strategy with telemarketing, LinkedIn, and email helps target prospects accurately, ensuring the sales team focuses on the right opportunities at optimal times. We cover a broad geographic market with experienced, native-speaking consultants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

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Brightvision’s telemarketing solutions can help you:

Generate quality leads

Tech companies often struggle with identifying high-quality leads that match their ideal customer profile. Utilizing a multichannel approach, which includes telemarketing, LinkedIn, and email, aids in streamlining this process, targeting potential clients and customers with heightened precision. This ensures that the sales team zeroes in on the right prospects at the most opportune moments.

Improve sales productivity

Managing a sales pipeline can be time-consuming. Brightvision can handle tasks like lead generation and appointment setting, allowing your sales team to concentrate on closing deals and nurturing relationships.

Close more deals

Need a full-service team to act as an extension of your existing sales team? Brightvision has you covered. Our experienced SDRs can handle the entire sales process, from prospect identification to closing the deal. No recruiting, hiring, or HR paperwork is required. 

An example of what Brightvision’s telemarketing service helped a client achieve:

1354 booked client meetings
new deals closed
€220 000
in revenue
Contributed to
61% of the client's generated revenue

Why Brightvision?

IT Industry knowledge

To be able to book a great meeting, a sales team needs solid knowledge in that specific area as well as outbound sales expertise. Brightvision’s experienced consultants have booked customer meetings in the IT and tech industry for over two decades. That combination of knowledge and experience is hard to find elsewhere!

Geographical reach

Speaking the local language and knowing the local business culture are crucial elements of a successful multi-language telemarketing campaign. Working with Brightvision’s diverse team of BDRs means you can effectively reach prospects in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.

Proven results

Brightvision leverages data to optimize their telemarketing strategies, ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI) and measurable results. Instead of scripted sales pitches, we work with customized calling and optimize the message as we work. This can significantly improve the call quality.

Multi-channel approach

In addition to the telemarketing set-up, Brightvision uses both LinkedIn and other platforms to communicate, build relationships, identify needs, and create opportunities for our existing and new customers.

Keeping our customers close 

Communication with our customers is the top priority in all projects. Our consultants have thorough weekly status meetings with their clients. Detailed weekly reports are also shared with the customers. 100% transparency is guaranteed, and our customers are more than welcome to listen to all calls that have generated a lead. 

Quality and processes 

A telemarketing project can fail unless you have the right processes and quality controls in place. We understand the importance of structure and offer a proven process for all campaigns that can ensure quality. You will get 100% transparency and insights to all projects.   

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Examples of successful telemarketing campaigns


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Telemarketing Services

Lead generation
  • Proactively target and engage potential clients and customers, creating a pipeline of high-quality prospects.
Appointment setting
  • Let us schedule meetings for your sales team so you can focus on closing deals and building relationships.
Market research
  • Gather valuable insights on industry trends, competitor strategies, and customer preferences to inform business decisions.
Event promotion
  • Improve engagement and exposure by reaching out to the target audience, creating excitement around the event.
Mapping and data collection
  • Conduct targeted outreach to gather crucial information to refine marketing strategies and support decision-making.
Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Target high-value accounts with personalized outreach to enhance sales opportunities and drive revenue growth.
Social selling
  • Establish and nurture relationships, identify customer needs, and create new opportunities for existing and potential clients with LinkedIn.


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