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We’re a B2B lead generation agency that values work-life balance. Are you driven, enthusiastic and willing to go the distance? Are you up for a good challenge and some good fun? Then join our team and help us grow the sales pipeline for some of the biggest names in tech.

Open positions

9 countries

At Brightvision, you’re never far from the fun with panoramic views of amusement park Liseberg. It reminds us to not take life too seriously. We also happen to think that’s a pretty good setup for a place where everyone can feel welcome. This is where we’re inspired to create lead generating campaigns for IT and tech giants across Europe. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re serious about the work we do – we always strive to provide our customers with not only great results, but with a great overall experience.

While our HQ in Gothenburg is kept busy by the locals, the remaining half of our team is distributed across nine countries. You’ll find them in Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, Czech Republic and as far west as the United States.

What’s Important To Us?

We foster a transparent company culture where
no doors are closed, and the lines of
communication are open. With a distributed
team across nine countries, we’ve become
master communicators. We’re straight shooters
with a good sense of humor and team players
full of humility.

T for teamwork

Do you have an MBA from Harvard? Well, sorry to
say that’s not going to get you very far if you can’t
kick it with the team and roll with the punches. You
see, we value teamwork more than anything and we
want everyone to work together toward the same
goals. That’s why we hire based on cultural fit rather
than a shiny CV. Because everyone knows that
people that enjoy working together, produce the best
work and deliver the best results.

We promote transparency

We don’t whisper behind closed doors. We run a flat
organization where everyone’s invited to participate
in board meetings and ask questions. We host bi-
weekly staff meetings and monthly Town Hall
meetings where we give everyone an update and
break down the numbers. We always encourage
feedback and the lines of communication are always
open. Because without transparency, we won’t grow
and develop as a team nor as a company.

Yes, you’re special

It’s not the 50’s anymore. We get that everyone
works differently. Need a long lunch? Don’t forget to
post a pic of your meal in our team chat. Want to
work from the south of France for a week because
you need a change of scenery? Well, au revoir. Yes,
our office might operate 9-5, but we still believe in a
flexible work culture.

Happy employees, happy clients

We want to create a work environment where
people are happy, comfortable and productive. Yes,
we take work seriously, but we’re also here to have a
good time. Why? Because if we don’t have fun, then
what’s the point? Happy employees make happy
clients. No doubt about it. In the neighborhood?
Stop by the office for a cup of coffee and we’ll share
a story or two about that one team retreat when…

Are you our next team member?

You want to work for a company that’s characterized by humility, transparency, creativity, and focus. You get excited about juggling multiple projects and working toward concrete and measurable goals. You’re happy to work both strategically as well as diving into production and operations. You think immaculate campaign reports and data analysis is just as important as brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Want to be a part of our team? Get in touch!

We’re a B2B lead generation agency that values work-life balance. Are you driven, enthusiastic and willing to go the distance? Are you up for a good challenge and some good fun? Get in touch!

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