Inbound marketing

By using inbound marketing, we help you generate qualified leads, strengthen your brand and increase sales with engaging content at the right time to the right person. This is one of the most effective approach to increase your revenue and strengthen your brand.

We help you produce and execute inbound campaigns with measurable results as our number one priority. Brightvision creates original content, such as blog posts and eBooks, to attract the right people and drive them further down the funnel and closer to a purchase decision.

See how we helped Visma generate more than 1,600 leads using the inbound methodology:

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Our inbound marketing process

Research and audit

We start with the groundwork to get a complete understanding of your company, the environment it operates in, and your business goals. We perform a thorough audit to ensure that we can create a result-driven campaign that will generate leads for your business.

Content production

Our consultants are experienced content producers and can create all types of inbound content, both written and visual. Between landing pages, eBooks, customer cases, blogs, banners and short films – they’ve got it covered. We design content funnels that make prospects more likely to convert to a lead.

Analysis and reporting

Campaign analysis and measurement is something we take seriously. We believe that you need to completely understand the results, in order to know how to move forward and improve those results. We work iteratively throughout the campaigns and rely on campaign data to get optimal results.

Strategy and planning

Through an initial workshop, we develop a goal-oriented strategy that starts with identifying your buyer personas and mapping out the buyer’s journey. Brightvision then determine the content that will best cater to their needs and position your product or service as a solution to their problems.

Paid media

Paid media is an important part of the lead generation process. We carefully curate our channels based on the behaviour of your target audience. Throughout the campaign, we continuously optimize in order to make sure that the campaign is cost-effective and generates high quality leads.

Marketing Automation

Our team is certified in various marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot and SharpSpring. Through marketing automation, we help our clients automate their marketing and sales engagement processes to generate more leads, convert leads to sales, measure and most importantly maximize ROI. This allows us to automate repetitive tasks such as sending emails, automated workflows and tracking website interactions.

Webinar on demand – 8 mistakes that will ruin your inbound campaign

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Lead Generation for B2B tech companies

Lead Generation for B2B tech companies

In this 76 page eBook we have compiled our best practices, useful tips and successful campaigns in order to help B2B tech companies build and develop smart strategies within Lead Generation. That way, you can grow faster and win more deals!

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