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Brightvision’s fintech-focused team brings extensive experience from many successful fintech campaigns. We understand the unique challenges faced by fintech companies and excel at generating ROI, establishing credibility, and ultimately driving lead generation and boosting sales.  

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Our fintech team is experienced with:
  • Rules and regulations around marketing for financial industries 
  • Subscription based services 
  • Challenges and possibilities for scale-up companies 
  • Open APIs – integrations expected 
  • Building credibility and drive adoption 

Full-funnel growth marketing services for fintech companies

Our specialists who focus on fintech growth marketing, create revenue-driven sales and marketing that cover the entire funnel.  
Account-based marketing (ABM)

We specialize in integrated, multi-channel ABM campaigns that include highly targeted digital content as well as personal touchpoints via email and phone.


Accelerate your fintech sales funnel with a steady stream of high-quality leads and potential customers and expand to new countries fast.

Performance Marketing

Precision-targeted, measurable, and personalized digital advertising campaigns to optimize your fintech customer acquisition.

Marketing Automation

Enhance your data intelligence, analytics, and customer journey, simultaneously boosting your fintech product's user experience.

Inside Sales

Establish a dedicated, remote B2B tech sales force to drive consistent revenue growth in more countries, with low risk. 

Content Marketing

Generate impactful content that delivers tangible outcomes, driving growth and brand recognition for your fintech company.

Why choose Brightvision for your fintech marketing?
Fintech expertise

Brightvision has over 20 years of experience working with fintech companies. We take a highly collaborative approach to campaigns to help reduce risk and speed up time to market/campaign launch. Your next campaign can be up and running within weeks of the initial startup meeting.

Intergrated marketing

Brightvision specializes in creating integrated marketing campaigns that cover the entire funnel, from initial outreach to closing deals. We are experts in starting quality dialogues with prospects at every stage, maximizing engagement and conversion opportunities.

European coverage

We have helped many fintech companies successfully expand into new European markets. Our local, knowledgeable, native-speaking consultants can help with everything from research to lead generation, blitzscaling, and awareness building. We offer expansion services all over Western Europe.

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