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B2B Fintech Marketing Day 2023  |  Session

Leveraging Partnerships for Client Acquisition, with Simon Birch Skou

Discover the power of strategic partnerships in B2B fintech with Simon Birch Skou, CMO of Cardlay and VATTAX. This on-demand session from B2B Fintech Marketing Day is filled with actionable insights and real-case scenarios, showcasing how collaboration can drive client acquisition.

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About the speaker

Simon Skou Brightvision Event Speaker
Simon Birch Skou
CMO, Cardlay & VATTAX

Simon boasts over 12 years of C-level experience, specializing in digital growth hacking, data analytics, and team leadership. With a data-driven approach, he excels in business development, sales, and lead generation. He has a strong track record in implementing new revenue models and executing go-to-market strategies. Passionate about strategic execution and change management, Simon thrives on setting and exceeding ambitious goals collaboratively.