Join us in our journey to become Europe's
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We’re growing rapidly. If you join us, you’ll grow fast with us!

We’re straight shooters with a good sense of humor and team players full of humility. United by one common goal: To create marketing campaigns that grow the sales pipeline for some of the biggest names in tech. Since we believe in the power of technology to solve humankind´s problem.

The past couple of years we have expanded fast. With a distributed remote team across the world, clients all over Europe and headquarters in Gothenburg, we are on a journey to become Europe’s best B2B marketing agency for tech.

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Our Culture & Values

We grow people

Our goal is for Brightvision to be the best place to work for people who want to grow, both professionally and personally. Therefore, we promote from within our own ranks to more senior roles to the greatest extent possible. We publish internal open positions for everyone at Brightvision to apply for. When selecting who will get the promotion/senior role, we always base it on a caring meritocracy*. We strive to nurture and maximize the talent of everyone, for both their own benefit and that of the company.

*a system or organisation in which people are chosen and moved into positions of power and influence based on their demonstrated abilities and merit.

Teamwork first

Do you have an MBA from Harvard? Well, sorry to say that’s not going to get you very far if you can’t kick it with the team and roll with the punches. You see, we value teamwork more than anything and we want everyone to work together toward the same goals. That’s why we hire based on cultural fit rather than a shiny CV. Because everyone knows that people who enjoy working together, produce the best work and deliver the best results.

We promote transparency

We don’t whisper behind closed doors. We run a flat organisation where everyone’s invited to participate in board meetings and ask questions. We host bi-weekly staff meetings and monthly Town Hall meetings where we give everyone an update and break down the numbers. We always encourage feedback, and the lines of communication are always open. Because without transparency, we won’t grow and develop as a team, nor as a company.

We love flexibility

It’s not the 50’s anymore. We get that everyone works differently, and the life puzzle might be hard to solve. Need a long lunch? Don’t forget to post a pic of your meal in our team chat. Want to work from the south of France because you need a change of scenery? Well, au revoir. Do you want to work from home 5 days a week? If that makes your life better, go for it.

Happy employees, happy clients

We want to create a work environment where people are happy, comfortable and productive. Yes, we take work seriously, but we’re also here to have a good time. Why? Because if we don’t have fun, then what’s the point? Happy employees make happy clients. No doubt about it. In the neighborhood? Stop by the oce for a cup of coffee and we’ll share a story or two about that one team retreat when...


Read our Culture Handbook to learn more about the life at Brightvision.

Read our handbook

10 reasons to work at Brightvision

Multi-cultural environment

We have people in over 10 countries, and you get to work collaboratively on projects exposing you to a wide range of cultures and work styles.

Competence development program

You have a budget to buy books, courses, and other resources you need to continue learning and developing. We offer internal coaching, and you get many career paths since we prioritize internal recruitment as we believe in promotion from within.

The flexibility of working remotely

Feel free to work from home or from anywhere in the world. The choice is yours and the world is your oyster!

Beautiful office in Gothenburg

If you prefer to work from our office, you will experience a newly renovated office with a cozy atmosphere in the heart of Gothenburg.

Scandinavian work culture

With small hierarchical differences, lots of transparency and huge focus on equality, quality of life and inclusiveness.

Health and wellness program

Regularly we organise different fitness initiatives for example step challenge, virtual yoga, and inspirational lectures.

Yearly bonus program for all

We offer an equal bonus system for all employees, based on the revenue for the year.

CSR initiatives

BrightFuture the name for the good causes we support, hopefully creating a brighter future for people. We support two areas where we are passionate about: Technology start-ups and people.

Having fun

Is very important to us. That’s why we put together the “C4 committee” with the mission of making sure we always have social activities in our agenda. You can look forward to quizzes, virtual (and non-virtual) after work and wine/ beer tasting.

People first

When we designed our flywheel, the business logic that drives Brightvision, our guiding principle has always been that if we take care of our colleagues and our teams, they will take care of our customers.

Brightvision is hiring, are you ready?

Are you interested in working at Brightvision? Send us an email at, or see our open job positions here

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