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Are your salespeople complaining about the quality of the leads generated from your inbound campaigns? Do something about it! Experience the Brightvision difference with our results-driven approach to inbound marketing. Our 20+ years of tech industry marketing experience, combined with our proven track record of success, sets us apart from the competition.

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Revenue driven inbound marketing for B2B tech companies

Depending on our clients’ needs, we put together an inbound marketing growth team with competencies in different areas of digital marketing. Our growth team can help you achieve results such as:
Increased brand awareness and authority.

Elevates the company's reputation by demonstrating expertise and thought leadership in the tech industry.

Boosted leads and conversions.

Attracts high-quality leads that are easier to convert, thereby increasing sales potential.

Data-driven decision making.

Enables precise marketing strategies based on tracked metrics, leading to increased efficiency and ROI.

Increased sales and revenue.

Directly contributes to the company's bottom line by driving more sales and boosting overall revenue.

The inbound marketing process

Brightvision works with you to create a full inbound marketing strategy tailored specifically for your tech company. We provide expert guidance and a step-by-step process to achieve your business goals.
Assess and optimize.

Uncover opportunities with an in-depth evaluation of your current inbound marketing efforts.

Creation of a growth team.

Put together a growth team with the specialists and competencies required for the specific client.  

Customized strategy development.

Collaborate with our experts to create a tailored inbound marketing plan.

Implement and refine.

Execute initiatives and always optimize for better results. 

Iterate and optimize.

Refine and improve marketing strategies based on data-driven insights to drive sustainable growth.

Why Brightvision should be your inbound marketing partner?

Leading B2B tech agency 

All our digital consultants and copywriters work exclusively with advanced B2B tech. That is the only thing we do and that is why we are trusted by the biggest brands in tech.  Meaning we know how to attract the decision makers you want to reach.

Dedicated growth teams 

Get all the specialist competencies required for successful inbound marketing, without having to expand your team. Our experts cover it all. Hire us for a small project, long campaign, ongoing retainer, part of your in-house team or as fully outsourced function. Whatever fits your goals, ambitions, and circumstances.

Technical expertise 

Inbound marketing is evolving to be more technical. It’s demanding advanced setups for full-funnel tracking and increased touchpoints — which is where our experienced and highly technical consultants excel.

Focus on ROI

You want to keep your sales team happy, which you will if you give them leads that can convert into paying clients. Our inbound methods are results-driven, constantly aiming for strategies that nurture your leads through the funnel — from MQL, to SQL, to customer.

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