About us-Brightvision

Brightvision is a result driven marketing agency for tech companies with both heart, humility, and a fun- loving attitude. Our team is spread across all over the world and we have local native-speaking consultants all around Europe. Together, we make sure that our clients sleep well at night!

Where we come from

From the start Brightvision has had a clear focus on the IT and tech industry. In the beginning, we primarily focused on helping tech startups with their marketing strategies. We were early adopters of marketing theories about how companies implement new technology.

In 2001, when the venture capital backed startups experienced financial turbulence, we re-structured and became a sales-on-demand company. After a few years, we realized that there was a significant piece of the puzzle missing – our clients didn’t have a pipeline strategy. So when a deal of theirs was lost, there wasn’t any other leads lined up, forcing them to start the sales process again. We decided to provide the missing piece of the puzzle: lead generation services for B2B tech companies.

Today, 20 years later, we design sales and marketing processes that generate a consistent sales pipeline. And we have developed an effective and scalable process for doing this. A measure of success is the fact that some of the largest tech companies in the world trust us to generate new high-quality leads.

Brightvision today is a dynamic team of experts who take great pride in a fun, flexible, and productivity-first company culture. We are transparent in everything we do because it builds trust, allows for open communication, and encourages participation. We use our strong company culture to break down geographic barriers, with half of our team located in our HQ in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the other half spread across the world.

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Whatever your needs may be, as a full service agency we are sure we can get you started. Submit the form below or just give us a call at +46 (0) 31 711 63 20 and we take it from there! You can also book a meeting with us directly here.

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