Paid media with focus on lead generation

Paid media allows you to maximize reach and gain exposure in your target markets. Using paid media channels, like LinkedIn, Google Ads and Facebook, we can help you establish a digital presence that will cut through the noise and reach your audience. Our optimization is always based on data-driven analysis (using, for example, Hotjar and Analytics) to ensure that your ads perform.

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Qualified in paid media

Our Google Analytics certification proves that we have profound skills not only in Google Analytics as a tool but also in data analysis and interpretation as well as conversion optimization.

Through our Google Ads certification, we show our skills in creating, managing, and optimizing accounts and audiences in Google Ads, both for search and video ads.

With our Hubspot certification, we demonstrate a broad knowledge in social media, spanning from strategy and organic content to advertising.

Google Partner Brightvision

This esteemed accreditation is a testament to our commitment to deliver exceptional paid media services. Rest assured that our expertise optimizes your advertising strategies, ensuring remarkable results and maximized ROI. Google Ads campaigns with our certified team bring out the best results, unparalleled performance, and growth.

Different types of advertising

Social media advertising

Social media advertising allows for extensive reach and demographic targeting due to its size and data. We use established channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, as they offer the most advanced demographic and psychographic targeting combined with a wide reach.

Search engine advertising

Google is the most widely used search engine in the Nordics, totaling approximately 95 per cent of all searches made online. By using Google text ads, we make sure you’ll rank high in the search results on relevant topics so that you can reach the target audience actively searching for specific services and products. Search engine advertising should always be used in combination with other campaigns, as there is a risk that the traffic generated by a campaign will otherwise end up with competitors.

Native advertising

Native advertising is a paid media form where the promoted content doesn’t look like ads as it’s used as a part of the environment as it is used as a part of the environment where it is published, such as an online magazine or other forms of online publications. We use native advertising to position our clients as thought leaders on relevant topics and reach audiences in a more organic way.

Banner advertising

We create banner ads with messages tailored to your audience. We use the programmatic tool AdForm to automate the process of purchasing and dynamically place the banners on websites and apps. This allows us to get the best possible placement in contexts highly relevant to your prospect.

Customer case: Visma – Discover how we built a lead generation campaign that generated over 1600 e-guide downloads.

Our paid media process


Research & audit

We work together to understand your business environment. This includes defining your target market, developing buyer personas, creating tailored messaging and identifying USPs. Based on our research, we define campaign goals and create a detailed campaign plan. 


Strategy & planning

We create a strategy and a paid media plan based on your target audience and goals (traffic, views, leads). Brightvision determines the channels that will give you the best possible exposure at the lowest cost. The tailored strategy includes channels, messaging, timeline, production, and budget. 


Production & set up

We produce the assets needed to launch a successful paid media campaign. Assets include premium content such as eBooks, guides, and advertising banners, and are directly tied to buyer personas, and campaign goals. Additionally, we set up campaign pages and Google Analytics accounts that are needed to carry out data-driven optimization in the next step. 



We place ads where your target audience is most likely to convert. We use traditional platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and AdWords together with emerging platforms for native, and programmatic advertising. Throughout the campaign, we will analyze and optimize ads based on results. 


Analysis & measurement

We continuously measure the success of the campaigns based on your goals. We utilize the analytics tools available in the platforms we use combined with Google Analytics and other tools to understand behavior and conversion on a granular level. 


Optimizing & reporting

Based on the data, we optimize targeting, placements, content, format, and channels to generate a higher ROI and make your ads as cost-effective as possible. During the campaign we have a close partnership with you, giving you full insight and all the reporting, you might need. And yes, we will break it down for you! 

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