Expand Your B2B Tech Company in Europe

Brightvision helps B2B tech companies successfully expand into new European markets. Our local, knowledgeable, native speaking consultants can help with everything from research to lead generation, blitzscaling, and awareness building. We currently offer expansion services to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland — and constantly add new countries.

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Some of our clients

Red Hat
Dell EMC
Dassault Systems

Why choose Brightvision for Expansion Services?

Geographical Coverage & Native Consultants

Speaking the local language and adapting to different business cultures are vital for a successful expansion campaign. If you want to expand to several markets, it’s a huge benefit to only must work with one agency. Brightvision have native-speaking consultants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland. Our consultants can help you understand the local political, cultural, and business climates.

Advice & Guidance Around New Markets

Our experienced and native BDRs will work as advisory consultants when entering new markets.

We help you answer questions like:

  • What is important for this specific market?
  • What market should we prioritize?
  • Do you have the right conditions to succeed with lead generation in this market?

IT/Tech Specialists

Brightvision works with B2B tech companies only and have done so since the beginning of 2001. Some of the largest tech companies in the world trust us to help them grow. We truly understand your target group, sales cycle, and unique challenges. That means we do effective and successful campaigns that exceed expectations. This niched knowledge is hard to find elsewhere and key to succeeding with foreign expansion.

Inbound Marketing & Telemarketing

To be able to succeed with your expansion plans in a new market, it’s important to complement the activities of research, account mapping and prospect qualification with awareness-building activities — preferably done through inbound digital activities. Our expansion team consists of both inbound and telemarketing consultants since this mix generates the highest results.

Quality & Processes

Expanding to a new market can fail unless you have the right processes and quality controls in place. We understand the importance of structure and offer a proven process for all campaigns that can ensures quality. You will get 100% transparency and insights to all projects.

What’s Your Need?

Would you like to expand your tech company in Europe and need help to get an understanding of potential markets through account mapping? Or do you run a SaaS company and are looking to blitzscale in Europe through appointment setting and lead generation? Or perhaps you just need strategic advice and support in your expansion? Regardless of your needs and budget, we are here to help.


”We want to blitzscale our company in Europe with appointment setting and lead generation”

Perhaps you run an American SaaS company and want to expand quickly in Europe. We can put together your own native speaking European team and can get you started with appointment setting and lead generation in several countries in a couple of weeks.


“We want to get an understanding of potential European markets through account mapping”

Perhaps you want to expand your tech company’s new or existing offer in Europe and want valuable insights of new markets. Our native speaking consultants will help you create a great calling list and work as your expansion advisors. Through account mapping, we will give you a better understanding of your market.


“We want strategic support in our European expansion”

Perhaps you are on a tighter budget and only want strategic support in your European expansion. After 20 years of helping tech companies expand in Europe, we know exactly what it takes to succeed on each market. We offer tailored workshops to help you with actionable support in your expansion journey.

Examples of successful expansion campaigns


Siemens IT-Preactor – A successful Telemarketing Campaign in Finland

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CRYPTAS – a successful telemarketing campaign in Germany

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Visma Enterprise Denmark – Focused Inbound Marketing

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Admincontrol – A successful Campaign for expansion in Holland

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Want to know more? Get in touch!

Whatever your needs may be, as a full service agency we are sure we can get you started. Submit the form below or just give us a call at +46 (0) 31 711 63 20 and we take it from there! You can also book a meeting with us directly here.

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