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Telemarketing is a cost-effective way to identify potential customers, qualify leads and book meetings with decision makers. Brightvision has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT and tech market which makes us specialists in this industry. We cover a broad market geographically and offer lead generation services and native speaking consultants in all Western Europe. We have native speaking consultants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.

Discover how we helped:

Siemens grow in Finland Cryptas grow in Germany Visma grow in Denmark Admincontrol grow in Holland and RSA grow in Sweden

We are a happy team and we love our work. We believe it shows in all our customer dialogues! 

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Why Brightvision's telemarketing service?

Below are the top 4 reasons why you should choose to use our Telemarketing services.

Experienced consultants in IT

To be able to book a great meeting, a solid knowledge in that specific area as well as outbound sales expertise are required. Brightvision can meet these criteria since our experienced consultants have booked customer meetings in the IT and tech industry for over two decades. That combination of knowledge is hard to find elsewhere!

Geographical reach

It’s crucial to meet our customers’ specific requirements. That is why we have native speaking consultants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland. Speaking the local language and adapting to different business cultures are vital for a successful campaign.

Keeping our customers close

The communication with our customers is top priority in all projects. Our consultants have thorough weekly status meetings with their clients. Detailed weekly reports are also shared with the customers. 100% transparency is guaranteed, and our customers are more than welcome to listen to all calls that have generated a lead.

Customized dialogues

To make as warm calls as possible, we work with customized calling guides instead of traditional scripted sales pitches. The dialogues we have are always adjusted after a specific situation and based on a guide that includes the most important arguments. This will improve the quality of the calls significantly.

Our B2B telemarketing services

Lead generation & appointment setting

Our consultants are used to asking qualifying questions to make sure the meetings we book are worth your time. We always ensure that the consultant's profile fits that specific project so we can deliver great results. Our customers can follow our work during the campaign, we send weekly reports and share access to our portal where we keep information about the calls.

Mapping and data collection

Do you need help to get a better understanding of your market? To learn what competing solutions your dream customers use, when those contracts are up for renewal or simply to find out the right person to talk to? We would love to help you with the above, while getting the opt-in you need to stay in contact with the prospect.

Telemarketing as a service

Do you have a continuous need to fill your pipeline with new leads? The most efficient way for us to work with clients is when our consultants work for a longer period, a few hours per week. It allows us to follow up on leads that have asked us to get back to them, and we can also follow up on meetings that didn’t result in a closed deal. We can invite people to webinars or events and follow up on leads from your digital marketing. In summary, we have become a natural extension of your sales team. Read more about this setup we have with Skelia below.

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Event invitations

We have extensive experience in inviting decision-makers to different types of events: breakfast seminars, all-day events, or shorter webinars. We know when to start inviting, how to avoid a large number of no-shows and how to follow up on participants to keep a good relationship with your new prospects.

Account based marketing

Do you have a list with great accounts that are hard to reach? We have a proven plan for successful ABM campaigns and are happy to help you with the first step in the sales process. Read more about an ABM campaign we made for RSA below.

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Customer case:
Siemens IT Preactor – A successful Telemarketing Campaign in Finland

Our telemarketing process

Below is our proven process for a successful Telemarketing campaign. It's been tested and developed for the last 20 years.


Identify needs

We begin to analyze our customers' needs, define the scope of the project, and present a campaign idea. To generate and qualify leads, we need to understand the customer’s ideal target audience—how they buy and what type of problem we can solve for them.


Startup & education

We meet the customer for a workshop to discuss the angle of our call guide. We also decide on a time frame and how the leads will be qualified. After the workshop, we educate our consultants on the solutions that will be promoted.


Call guide & list

With the workshop as a foundation, we write a suggestion for a call guide that the customer will have to sign off on. If the customer doesn’t have a list of prospects, we create a list of relevant target groups from our database. The customer will sign off on the list.


Generate leads

We begin by making some test calls, which we analyze in detail. Then we adjust and optimize the script. When we are satisfied with the quality of the calls, we increase the calling hours. When a meeting is booked, our consultant hands it over to the customer directly.



We give our customers full insight into the project with weekly meetings and reports, where we present the information from the interviews. The customer also has access to all data in real time through our online portal. There, the customer can also listen to our calls.


Result & learnings

When the project is finished, we compile the results. We evaluate the calls and present a detailed summary of the project. We also present insights and learnings from the campaign, together with a recommendation for how our collaboration can continue.

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Customer case:
Skelia – An ever-evolving teleprospecting campaign

Webinar on demand:

How successful companies use modern telemarketing to sell more in a slow economy

To avoid bad sales results in today’s unstable economy – telemarketing should be a given part of any B2B marketing mix because of its high ROI. But the telemarketing function has changed over the last years and therefore needs to be executed in a new and modern way. Watch this webinar and learn how your company can sell more using modern telemarketing in 2020.

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