Account Based Marketing- ABM

Through account based marketing, we win complex, highly competitive, and strategic sales opportunities with targeted sales and marketing activities. Brightvision has something many other ABM agencies lack – namely, broad knowledge of IT and a team consisting of both inbound – and telemarketing consultants. 

We start by warming up your selected accounts by working with the branding. As awareness grows, we will launch a lead-generating inbound campaign, in which we use premium content to encourage the customer to submit their details. Lastly, our telemarketing department takes over and follows up on each lead, to deliver the final SQLs (sales qualified leads) to you.  

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Top 3 reasons to explore account based marketing- ABM

The future of Account Based Marketing is here. There are many reasons to convince your organization to invest in ABM, but here are our top three to get the conversation started. 

Win new accounts and grow existing ones.

The two main purposes of an account based marketing-ABM campaign are to win new accounts and to grow the existing ones. And yes, ABM does just that for you – if you work with it long-term.

One-to-one targeted ABM is proving the most successful.

The One-to-one target account list approach is the most successful and also an achievable foray into ABM for companies.

Overcome siloed sales and marketing departments.

ABM strategies done correctly can drive a closer association between the two departments. In a recent survey, almost 40% of the respondents said that ABM had significantly improved sales and marketing alignment, proving ABM has wider benefits than just increased revenues.

Why Brightvision can help you with account based marketing-ABM

Brightvision has something many other agencies lack – namely, broad knowledge within IT and lead generation. With three different marketing departments, we will tailor your ABM campaign and go from idea to realization. We begin by warming up your selected accounts with branding. As awareness increases, we'll start an inbound campaign that generates leads by using premium content to encourage the customer to provide their information. Finally, to give you the final SQL numbers, our telemarketing team follows up on each lead. 

Customer case: RSA – An integrated ABM campaign that exceeded the goals

Our ABM process

Below is our proven process for a successful ABM campaign.


Account definition

Together we will establish a clearly defined list of buyer personas and accounts to target in the campaign. The list will be based on your business objectives and either consist of existing companies in your database, such as lapsed customers, or customers with a low engagement score. You might also have a list of new prospects you want to target.  


Planning & strategy

The next step is to develop a tailored value proposition and a dedicated marketing plan for each segment. This includes messaging, channels, content, and advertising assets. Our account based marketing- ABM campaigns are based on a multi-channel approach designed to build relationships that will generate a high lifetime value in the long term. To do so, we utilize inbound tactics supported by inbound marketing, teleprospecting, and paid media.  


Content production

We create content highly customized to the segment we are targeting. Our content is always tied to recent market research and current trends, with the primary aim to educate the reader. The content can come in the form of eBooks, guides, white papers, or case studies. During this phase, we also produce ad copy and banners.  


Paid advertising

We work with AdForm, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Facebook to deliver highly targeted ads that are guaranteed to reach the right people at the right time. We use third-party data, IP-targeting, and sophisticated algorithms to optimize campaigns and make sure to reach your prospects in a highly relevant context with personalized content.  



Teleprospecting is usually a part of ABM campaigns since it allows us to reach the right decision-makers with highly personalized messages. Our BDRs work with carefully selected target accounts using a customized message for each prospect. Through one-on-one interactions, we build relationships, qualify the accounts, and gather insights.  


Analysis & reporting

We continuously measure the success of the campaigns based on your goals. Key performance indicators for digital campaigns include cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impression (CPM), click-through rate (CTR), and cost per lead (CPL). Key performance indicators for teleprospecting include the number of interviews, level of engagement, lead conversion, and opt-ins.  

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