Essential updates in email compliance in 2024

By Brightvision Marketing Team

In February 2024, Google and Yahoo are rolling out new mandates that could adjust the way we approach email marketing. We are here to explain these changes and guide you through adapting with ease and confidence. 


The new email requirements 

The essence of these new requirements from Google and Yahoo revolves around consent, engagement, and the technical authenticity of the domains from which emails are sent. While the sound of 'new policies' might seem daunting at first glance, the silver lining here is that these changes echo the practices some have championed for years, particularly those outlined in HubSpot's guidelines. For those who are dispatching more than 5,000 emails daily, these changes will be particularly pertinent. However, it's crucial for every company, regardless of email volume, to align with these standards. Even the less frequent senders could see the messages sidelined to the spam folder if the domains aren't properly authenticated.

The trio of best practices

If you are using HubSpot as your email automation tool, there are three critical areas to ensure the emails reach their intended inboxes: email authentication, clear unsubscribe options, and maintaining low spam ratings.

Email authentication

The authenticity of your sending addresses must be verified through mechanisms like DKIM, SPF, or a DMARC policy. This might sound technical, but it's essentially about making sure your emails are recognized as legitimate and safe, not just by your recipients but by their email providers too.

Easy way to unsubscribe

Respecting the recipient's choice to opt-out is fundamental. HubSpot is enhancing unsubscribe functionalities, ensuring that if someone decides to part ways with your content, it's a hassle-free process. This is not just about adhering to policies – it's about developing a respectful and trust-based relationship with your audience.

Maintaining spam ratings

The goal here is simple: keep the spam complaints to a bare minimum. A rate of 0.1% or lower is the gold standard, ensuring your emails are welcomed rather than rejected. Regular monitoring and adjustments are your best defense against falling into the spam trap.

Practical steps forward

To translate these guidelines into actionable steps, we've summarized the process into a handful of practical measures:

  • Authenticating your domain   This is your first line of defense. By connecting your domain with DKIM, you're essentially vouching for the authenticity of your emails, significantly reducing the chances of being marked as spam.   

  • Tweaking your SPF record   This technical adjustment is about ensuring your emails are recognized as coming from a trusted source, further bolstering your defense against spam filters.   

  • Implementing a DMARC policy   This might require a bit of collaboration with your IT team, but it's about adding an extra layer of authentication, ensuring your emails are not only trusted but also monitored for any unusual activity.   

  • Monitoring and adjustment   Keep a close eye on your unsubscribe and spam rates. These metrics are not just numbers but indicators of your email strategy's health and effectiveness. 

Check this list

To keep you on track, we've put together a checklist, covering the steps you need to ensure your email marketing efforts are both effective and compliant:

1. Authenticate your email sending domains with HubSpot.

2. Set up DKIM or SPF records, and consider a DMARC policy for an extra layer of security. 

3. Activate GDPR subscription settings to respect user consent. 

4. Ensure your email templates feature clear and accessible unsubscribe options. 

5. Enable unsubscribe links in your sales or sequence emails. 

6. Regularly monitor your spam and unsubscribe rates, aiming for industry benchmarks (0.1% or lower is the gold standard). 

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