How to go from Fintech startup to scale-up with Hoang Pham

By Brightvision Marketing Technology Team

In the rapidly evolving world of Fintech marketing, staying ahead means embracing innovative strategies and insights. In a recent presentation for B2B Fintech Marketing Day, Hoang Pham, a seasoned marketing expert in the Fintech industry, shared his experiences growing Fintech companies from startup to scale-up.

From leveraging data-driven decision-making to mastering the art of budget management, Hoang's insights provide a roadmap for marketing managers looking to excel in this dynamic field.

You can watch the full session here.

Embracing a data-driven marketing mindset

To take a company from startup to scale up, Hoang emphasizes the importance of taking a data-driven approach to marketing. He advocates for strategies that are not just based on assumptions or traditional methods, but on solid data and measurable outcomes. This approach allows for more informed decision-making and ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with actual consumer behavior and market trends.

"So what I prefer to do is just work in a very data-driven mindset...I aim for something new that has as much as high alpha as possible...I want to find this intervention where I'm the most confident that it will change the way the baseline is as much as possible.

Strategic budget management for startups

Hoang highlights the unique challenges of budget management in startup environments. He points out that startups often grapple with budget constraints and the need for efficient allocation of resources. The key is to identify and invest in marketing channels and strategies that offer the best returns.

"Whether you're in a startup or in a scale-up, you always have budget problems... your goal with that budget is to figure out either a channel or you need to figure out some type of traction and traction is combined is a combination of the right audience, the right USP, or the way you actually tell that story and the delivery of it.

The importance of content strategy

Hoang emphasizes the importance of using proxy metrics to get a qualitative feel of your content's impact. He suggests focusing on metrics related to organic reach and shares, as these can be indicative of content resonating well with the audience. This approach helps in quickly gauging the effectiveness of content and making necessary adjustments, ensuring that the content strategy remains agile and relevant.

If you found these highlights insightful, the full session is packed with more detailed strategies and examples that can revolutionize your approach to marketing in FinTech. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. Watch the full session now for a comprehensive understanding of these essential marketing tactics.

Watch the full session here