Bringing Authenticity into B2B Marketing with Koen Vanderhoydonk

By Brightvision Marketing Technology Team

Koen Vanderhoydonk is the CEO of The Connector, a unique ecosystem that helps startups and businesses grow by providing access to a sales team with connections in the financial industry.

In his presentation as part of B2B Fintech Marketing Day, Fake It Until You Make It, But When You Make It Do Not Break It, Koen explains how he transitioned from traditional banking to leading innovative marketing strategies in the Fintech sector — and how he leveraged content to drive growth within a bank and later utilized these skills to elevate his own company.

We highly recommend that you watch the whole session. Here are the highlights:

The value of authenticity in marketing

In a landscape cluttered with generic marketing tactics, authenticity breaks through the noise, enabling brands to connect genuinely with their audience. Koen’s insights into being authentic in messaging and actions resonate profoundly in a B2B context, where authenticity not only fosters trust but also establishes a brand's unique identity in a competitive market.

“Never lose your authenticity. Because that's the most important thing in what you have and how you bring your company to the next level.”

Consistency: the key to message mastery

In a B2B journey often marked by multiple touchpoints and prolonged decision-making processes, consistency in messaging ensures that a brand’s core values and propositions are clearly understood and remembered. Koen articulates how consistent messaging can create strong brand recognition and reinforce your brand’s presence in the minds of decision-makers.

“Continuously push and talk about the same message, repeating yourself. It sounds boring for you as a person because it feels like [you’re always saying the same thing]. But for the audience, they're not necessarily triggered by the same, but through a combination of different moments they get the beautiful touch points as they call them.”

Lessons in B2B Fintech marketing excellence

Watch Koen Vanderhoydonk’s full presentation to learn more about the role messaging plays in scaling B2B marketing efforts. Click the button below to access the full session and start applying these essential strategies to your marketing playbook today.

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